Community Classes


( 3.58 pm Tuesday 18 August 2009 )


“The Gathering Place” Community Centre

The Gathering Place, Orchid View, Hollingbury,

is A Community Centre,

for Hollingbury and Stanmer Heights,

and Brighton and Beyond.


Community Classes in Community Centres

Community Classes in Community Centres,

can create Help, for All Communities,

in All Countries, in All The World.


Community Classes,

are compatible, with The Rule of Law,

and The Order of Our Lives,

and how We live,

in All Our Countries, in All Our World


Community Classes,

can be created, to meet Any or All Needs,

in Any and All Communities.


Community Classes,

may normally need,

Two or Four Community Class Teachers,

for Each Community Class,

for Examples,

from The Community,

from The Local Authority,

from Charities,

and from University Professors.


Community Classes,

in The Day Times in The Week Times,

for People in The Home Population,

who live Homes Lives,

in The Day Times in The Week Times.


Community Classes,

in The Day Times in The Weekend Times,

for The Whole Home Population.


Community Classes,

for Examples:


(1) Learning to run Your Community Centre,

as A Day Centre, Community Classes.


(2) Learning to run Your Launderette,

as A Service, Community Classes.


(3) Drugs and Alcohol Rehabilitation Friendships,

Community Classes.


(4) Senior Citizens 60+ Friendships, Community Classes.


(5) Friend Families need Friend Families,

Community Classes.


(6) Friend Couples need Friend Couples,

Community Classes.


(7) Nice Bunches of Friends, Community Classes.


(8) Shopping Walking Friends, Community Classes.


(9) Horticulture and Grounds Care, Community Classes.


(10) Nature Walks and Nature Study Projects,

and Nature Conservation Projects, Community Classes.